Oh, alright, let's talk about Me!

I am a Los Angeles based actor,  writer,  producer and teacher with over 20 years of experience lending my voice and face to hundreds of tv and radio commercials, as well as a few notable television shows,  infomercials, and documentaries.

I have been heard on hundreds of national commercials and TV promos including Coca-Cola,  Microsoft, Ford, Home Depot, Nestle, Florida Citrus, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Walmart, Delta Airlines,  CNN, TNT, Cartoon Network, ABC, CBS, PBS and others.  I have also had the pleasure of narrating documentary series for PBS,  as well as for university curriculums with host Director Peter Bogdanovich.

I help guide drivers safely to their destinations for Accura/Honda, dial up numbers for Mazda Bluetooth users and have assisted callers through a maze of recently changed menu items for Glaxo Smith-Kline, the Internal Revenue Service, and some exciting new consumer tech devices.  I've even been the voice of an animated, star-struck ice-cream bar as well as an over-weight, mischievous little raccoon.  
It's been a privilege and just too darn much fun playing Alton Brown's sister Marsha on the Food Network's Good Eats for all these years.  Yes, he really is like that.  Yes, we get to eat the food.

Having my arm blown off by John Cleese (of Monty Python fame) in an infomercial was an actor's dream come true.  Yes, he really is as sweet and genuine as you would hope someone of his stature would be.   And by that, I mean he's tall.  He's a tall man.  Like, freakishly tall.  Like, hard not to stare, tall.   And also one of the loveliest individuals ever.  I mean, you know, considering how tall he is.  

If you'd like to know more, you can, I don't know... take me to lunch?

Merrilyn Crouch

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